Eblana Writers is a collective of novelists, playwrights and short fiction writers based in Dublin.

The group meets 10 times a year, providing support, criticism and a forum for members to share ideas on their work.

As a group, we attend literary events around Dublin as well as inviting speakers from all areas of the craft – from writer to publisher – to share their knowledge. We believe the format has been a success with members’ work regularly featuring on radio and in international literary awards. Our award-winning members have published in a variety of genres from poetry to fantasy to fiction and non-fiction in print, online and on television.

The group regularly invites professional writers to talk about their work. To date the list of visitors includes Joseph O’Connor, Lia Mills, Eileen Casey, Marita Conlon McKenna, Dermot Bolger, Carlo GeblerAbby Green, Heidi Rice, Siobhan Parkinson and Alison Walsh. Previous member-only workshops were hosted by Susan Knight, Christine Dwyer Hickey, Carlo Gebler, and Mia Gallagher.