Aer Lingus Boeing 737-200
Picture: Aero Icarus (flickr/cc)

Up in the air

Our November reading brought us back to the radio essay as our members came with a mixed bag of short stories, flash fiction and memoir to the table.

Caroline revisited her piece about first communion brought up at the previous meeting; Emma read her piece Airborn about growing up as the child of an air hostess; Vicky read about an unusual metal beacon discovered in her house in Rathfarnham; Roisin brought a promising first draft of a piece about a failing writer who comes across good fortune; and Hilary read a piece about a town that was imprisoning clowns.

We’re also looking forward to Christmas, so with that in mind we’ve set ourselves a flash fiction challenge to put together 400 words on the theme of ‘nativity’. Let’s see where this takes us…